Our Story

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Hi, I'm Adam!

The Beginning

Flaming Good Pizza Co. is the brainchild of me, Adam Davis. Many, many moons ago, far away in a different galaxy, I was a hard working paramedic itching for a career change.
After much soul searching, a lot of research and more than a few sleepless nights I had a lightbulb moment.
I Realised that there was one thing I love just about more than anything else on the planet, FOOD.

I'd long been a fan of genuine, thin-crust wood-fired pizzas so I decided to learn all I could about the art of assembling just a few top quality ingredients and cooking them to lip-smacking perfection in a flash.
My early attempts were well received by friends and family so I decided to take the plunge...

Hi, I'm Adam!
Hi, I'm Adam!

Now, I'm ready to go anywhere (well, anywhere local(ish), actually!) with one of my portable ovens, a stack of well seasoned hardwood, great fresh locally sourced ingredients and a whole lot of determination to ensure my customers tell their friends, their friends friends and even the bloke down the street about Flaming Good Pizza Co.